Why not start off your trip with a greeting in the native language. ‘Herzlich Wilkommen in Deustschland’, that means ‘Welcome to Germany’. Are you ready for a fun filled 7 days in Germany? Then here it is: Oktoberfest, like you have never experienced it before. Today we will meet you at our hostel in Berlin. Here you can enjoy some time to chill out before the week begins. Tonight we meet the group; we will enjoy a delicious welcome dinner and drinks to get to know your fellow group members a little better. After that we may even go out and party.


Are you rested and ready to explore the epic culture and history of Germany? Great, because now it’s time for a tour of the magnificent city of Berlin. It includes the Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie and a lot more! So get your camera at the ready for this insightful action packed day. Tonight after dinner, we will head out in the famous city to really experience what Berlin has to offer, get your dancing shoes on as we are in for a treat with the famous nightlife scene.


You might have a little hangover today but that’s okay, sit back and relax as we check out of our hostel and enjoy the bus journey (and maybe a refreshing nap) from Berlin to Munich. Welcome to the home of Oktoberfest! Tonight after dinner, we are going to check out some of the bars in Munich and prepare ourselves for the crazy weekend ahead.


The day has finally come. It’s festival day! (Yay) Our hostel is close by and just a mere 15 minute walk from the Theresienwiesn, which is the place to be in Munich around this time. So get your breakfast into you quick because Oktoberfest – here we come! It’s time get those beers in and party in style. Of course we will have our own table at the festival, a perfect way to start the day with the group. This day will be one of the highlights of the trip.


Are you ready for round two? As if yesterday wasn’t fun enough we get to experience this amazing festival all over again. Gather up everything you need, dust off those outfits and prepare for another wild day with us. We will reunite with the delicious beer, German volksmusic, brezls and maybe some sneaky dancing on tables later on. The fun doesn’t stop there as we can explore all the different tents and the whole location surrounding Oktoberfest throughout the day.


It has been an action packed two days at Oktoberfest. After lunch it’s time to check out what else the amazing city of Munich has to offer. We’ll see some old historic castles around the city, the English gardens and much more. Tonight, sadly it’s our last night together (time flies when you’re having fun). We will have our farewell dinner, reminisce about what an unbelievable week we had and then hit the city for an amazing last night out together. Let’s get ready to party!


Today we pack up our belongings, and have a lovely farewell breakfast. It’s time to see where the next adventure lies for us, don’t worry too much if you are unsure, our expert group leaders are there to help you with any onward travel advice you may need. We then check out of our hostel and it’s time to say goodbye. The trip might be coming to an end but our memories will last a lifetime. As they say in Germany, Auf Wiedersehen!


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